Taekwon-Do International Netherlands (TIN) was the host of a technical seminar on May 10, 2014 conducted by Senior Master Hutchison. Again we had the honor that Senior Master Hutchison came over from Scotland to lead a technical seminar in The Netherlands. Senior Master Hutchison is the vice-president of the European International Taekwon-Do Federation (EITF), chairman of the British Isles Taekwon-Do Federation (BITF) en vice- President of ITF Schotland. Senior Master Hutchison received during his more than 40 years Taekwon-Do career the Outstanding Instructor Medal and Plaque (2012), ITF Outstanding Instructor Medal (2007), AETF Award (2004) and the General Choi Hong Hi Award (2002).

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Claire Stirling, BITF international instructor, 6th degree and European champion patterns 2007, along with a few of her students also came over to participate in this seminar.

Senior Master Hutchison has a big Taekwon-Do heart, a healthy sense of humor and not to forget a firm handshake. He is a true Taekwon-Do original that many times participated in training led by the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi. Description of this seminar in two words: instructive and muscle pain.

After a warm welcome Senior Master Hutchison started the seminar with a creative warming up consisting of several forms of stretching, jumping punches during running, jumping kicks during running and frog jump punches. Result was muscle pain for a few days and endorformine.

Senior Master Hutchison instructed among other single and multiple fundamental exercise, foot defense techniques, several forms of sparring, patterns and team patterns.

Senior Master Hutchison we’ll like to thank you very much for your presence and clear explanations,

Taekwon-Do International Netherlands
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