Taekwon-do Belgrade Cup
To the 1st ITF Taekwon-do Belgrade Cup,
Serbia 2013

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Dear President, instructor, friend,
I have the privilege to invite You, to the Taekwon-do Belgrade Cup for youth, juniors and seniors, that will be hold in Belgrade, Serbia on Sunday Jun 16th 2013 !
Taekwon-do club Tiger.

Competition will be happen at the Sport Center ”Sumice” in Belgrade.
Plan of competition:
09:00 – 10:30 weight in
10:30 – 10:50 referee and coachs meeting
11:00 start

After qualifications will follow Finals !
Competition will be happen as rule of ITF ( ……………………..)
All competitors will compete at one’s own risk and they must wear ITF dobocs.
Protecting equipment according to ITF rules.
If competitor want to play on oldest group, he have to pay registration fee for this group.
In one age limit competitor may play at only one category.
Entry fee: 20€ for competitor ( it has to be paid on the day of the tournament and before weighing).

More info: Poziv 2013